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What is a Heat Pump?

It is a devise that moves heat from one area to another to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. In some ways that are very similar to an air conditioner, but they are also very unique. They can function both as a furnace and as an air conditioner.

Benefits and Limitations

The benefits are many, but there are also limitations to what it can do. A Heat Pump operates very efficiently because it will simply transfer heat but at the same time it doesn’t burn fuel to do it. There are limitations. Heat pumps are limited by the cold and work best during a moderate climate. When the temperature falls below freezing on a regular basis, they tend to be more ineffective. That doesn’t mean it isn’t working, it is just it takes more energy to move heat from a very cold area to a warm area. Although, even when it is cold outside it can still extract heat from the outside, it just takes more energy to do so, because it is working harder to extract the limited heat that is available.

Supplemental Heating

Because we can reach very extreme temperatures here in Salt Lake City and the Provo area we would generally recommend a back up system for heat. They have been found to work very well during the spring, summer and fall but in the extreme cold of winter, there are times when the temperature may exceed the capacity of the heat pump to keep you comfortable.